About Wuzhou

Wuzhou Guest House, built in 1997, is a high-quality hotel in Shenzhen for receiving government affairs and foreign affairs and holding large comprehensive conferences. It is located in the center of Futian, and enjoys convenient transportation and beautiful environment. After more than 20 years of development, Wuzhou Guest House has become the first choice for reception, banquet, business travel activities, and relaxation. The Guest House is committed to continuous pursuit of excellent management and superb service. Since its opening, Wuzhou Guest House has received many heads of state, chiefs of government, high-level or above important guests and world’s famous personages, as well as hosted many influential international conferences. Due to its superiority and capacity in reception service and management, it becomes one of the most famous hotels in Shenzhen. Moreover, Wuzhou Guest House has won the honorary titles such as “Shenzhen Famous Brand” and “Leading Brand of Government Reception Hotel”.
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