Shenzhen Yunhai Hotel Co Ltd

Located in the beautiful Dapeng Peninsula in the east of Shenzhen, Yunhai Hotel has more than 90000 square meters of floor space with beautiful natural ecological environment. With the sea melting into the sky, listening to birds' twitter and smelling the fragrance of flowers, you will  feel like that you are in the paradise. The air in the mountains is fresh, and the content of negative ions is 15-20 times of that in urban areas. The hotel includes 1 complex building, 5 villa with different styles and a seaside service building. There are more than 80 standard rooms and luxury suites towards the sea, 5 conference rooms of different sizes and Chinese restaurants in the Hotel. The unparalleled natural environment makes us have beautiful and clear beach swimming field, barbecue field, large-scale sea viewing terrace, outdoor tennis court, basketball court, mountaineering path, artificial lake, lotus pond and other scenery. It is the best place to watch the sea and sunset in the east of Shenzhen.