Shenzhen Silver Lake Conference Center(hotel) Co Ltd

Shenzhen Silver Lake Conference Center (hotel) Co., Ltd. is one of the important reception bases of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and it is a garden hotel integrating reception, business, conference and leisure vacation.

The Hotel is located at the foot of the rolling mountains and surrounded by green mountains, green water. With beautiful scenery, fresh air, and more than grade 4 anion content, it is 2-3 degrees lower here than that in the urban area. There are hundreds of national first and second-class protection plants and 70 kinds of rare birds in the Silver Lake Area, enjoying the reputation of "urban garden and natural oxygen bar".

Built according to nature trend, the hotel's architectural art overcomes nature. Combining Suzhou and Hangzhou landscape design techniques, the seven modern Chinese style villas have absorbed the essence of the four famous gardens in the south of the Five Ridges's in Qing Dynasty, with unique skills and endless charm. You can see that the buildings are interspersed among the pavilions, the brooks and the lake pond are just beside the mountain, green trees and yellow eaves are mixed. Feeling the pretty breeze, you can hear the birds singing and smell the flowers’fragrance.

There are more than 200 guest rooms, more than 2000 dining spaces, more than 20 conference rooms including Silver Lake Hall, Multifunctional Hall and Octagonal Pavilion, and a variety of recreational facilities such as outdoor swimming pool, golf practice field, tennis course, horse riding and fishing in the Hotel.

Since its opening in 1984, Silver Lake Conference Center Hotel has received hundreds of Party and national leaders and international friends, as well as more than tens of thousands of international and domestic conference groups. Perfect the supporting facilities, warm and thoughtful services, fine cooking and delicacy health food make it the ideal place for you to travel and hold conferences.

Shenzhen Silver Lake Conference Center(hotel) Co Ltd